What is MicroStock Stock Photography? and Why YOU should get involved


What is microstock photography?

Microstock photography is a combination of the idea of micro payment and stock photography.  Its an arena of stock photography that prices images at such a micro price that buying multiple images becomes an option.  The microstock  world really boomed in the early 2000s after the creation of sites like iStockphoto, Shutterstock, and Fotolia.  These sites have helped to break down the exclusiveness of stock photography and created a niche accessible to the general public allowing them to create and purchase quality images.

Microstock allows you to host images either on your own website or through an agency, and make those images available for purchase to a variety of different markets, but more importantly, to the general population.  Once those images are with an agency, the agency acts as the middleman.  They sell your images and make a commission off the image sold.  So basically, you take the picture and they do the leg work.


What are royalty-free images?

Royalty-free is all about how your image can be used.  Royalty free in a nutshell is allowing an individual to purchase your image and use it in just about any way without having to pay per use.  The logistics are slightly different with each stock house, but that RF in a nutshell.


What are rights managed images?

Rights managed is also all about how your images can be used.  With RM images the agreement or contract is limited.  It’s a one off license to a copyrighted image with specifies on how, where, and what the purchaser can do with the image.

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