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Tim Newman Photography – Stock Photo Secrets from working Photographer

Hi guys I wanted to let you know about Tim Newman, one of my stock photography buds.  He has just added a great blog post including some of his great pics and tips on how to make better stock photography.  You can check his helpful stock photography blog post BY CLICKING HERE.  One thing Tim read more »


Apologies in advance on the repetition here, but I seem to get this question ALL the time. People want to know if they have to HAVE  to get model releases from: A. People in public B. People who do not speak english (or your native tongue) C. Remote people groups who are unfamiliar with technology read more »

Step #4 – Available Light – Why and how to use it in Stock Photography

Step #4 – Available Light Here at Stockphotoguru.com our goal is to get you on the path of creating residual income from microstock photography, and making this goal obtainable to anyone, regardless of finances.  So, you don’t need to run out and purchase tons of lighting equipment.  One of the easiest things to shoot is read more »

Step #3 – Model Releases and Property Releases – What you need to know

You need a property release when you are shooting people where their identity is visible.  It is hit/miss when dealing with bodies, but always with faces.  Feet/hands, etc. you are probably safe to not have a release.   Most microstock companies will accept a signed model release from another agency, however we discovered that Dreamstime did read more »