Step #8 – Which microstock sites are the BEST to upload to?

Step #8 – Get Them Up on Stock!

There are a lot of stock agencies that you can upload your images to and we’ve got a link here on near the top of the page that lists most of them, but we want to condense that massive list down, and give you our recommended agencies.  I work exclusively with iStock, but my wife and kids upload images to a good amount of agencies.  I have a lot of get iStock tips on my other site

The first agency I’d recommend is iStock.  They are one of the larger agencies and images sell really well with them.  One of the tricky things at first is that they only allow you to upload 18 images a week at first.  Second up is Depositphotos.  One of the great things up them is they offer unlimited uploads.  There is no limit to the amount of images you can put up. The third agency I’d recommend is Fotolia. They also offer unlimited uploads and have a very user friendly site. They also offer unlimited uploads, and have been a pleasure to work with.  Fourth is 123rf.   They also have a really large European market. Another agency I recommend working with is Cutcaster.  Although they don’t offer unlimited uploads, they do have a very generous monthly upload limit of 140 images.  The sixth agency I’d recommend would be Dreamstime.  Images do really will with them, but keep in mind they won’t accept you images unless you have a model release directly from them.  Their upload limit is also percentage based, which means they more images you get approved, the more images you can upload.  Seventh, check out Bigstock.  The user interface is great and images do pretty well with them.  Finally, I’d recommend working with is Shutterstock.  I’ve found that getting accepted to Shutterstock is a tad on the tricky side, but once you do, images do well with them.

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