Step #5 Your Initial Stock Photography Workflow

Step #5a – Work Flow

Now that you’ve set your camera properly and taken some pictures, what do you do with your images now?  You are probably going to need to store them somewhere and back them up!  You should store and backup your images on two separate drives either on a CD, DVD, USB flash drive, a hard drive, or even on a cloud service.

Getting your camera setup is a pretty important task!  One really important thing to do is set your white balance for a proper exposure.  On your camera there will be the letters WB which stand for white balance.  This tells your camera what kind of light in entering the lens.  The good folks over at WikiHow wrote a great article about the specific how to’s for setting your white balance.

After you’ve got your white balance set, you want to make sure you have a clean sensor.  If your sensor is not clean your images will contain sensor spots, which means extra work in post.  There are several safe methods for cleaning your sensor.  I usually use a compressed air can or a Rocket Air Blaster to remove dust from the sensor.

Once you have cleaned your sensor, it’s time to get your ISO correct.  For microstock, you want your ISO as low as possible for a properly exposed image.

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