Step #3 – Model Releases and Property Releases – What you need to know

You need a property release when you are shooting people where their identity is visible.  It is hit/miss when dealing with bodies, but always with faces.  Feet/hands, etc. you are probably safe to not have a release.   Most microstock companies will accept a signed model release from another agency, however we discovered that Dreamstime did not.
When dealing with properties, you may or may not need one, and it’s not always cut and dry.   It is recommended that a property release is obtained by a property owner when the property is more highly recognizable and unique.  If there is some kind of signage, or majorly distinct, get a property release.

This is vague, but a property release will almost always be needed for
A. cars
B. Art
C. identifiable personal property, ie, a handmade canoe
D. some real estate, ie.  Madison Square Garden.

I have shot high-end homes in high-end neighborhoods and these have been readily accepted and sold well.  In the end, if you can get a model or property release, GET IT!

Here are some links to Model Releases: – MODEL RELEASE – PROPERTY RELEASE


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