Heavy Metal Photo Shoot for istockphoto.com SUPER FUN! BTS VIDEO!

What a crazy ride on the crazy train. Ryan J Lane and I (fueled by Black Sabbath) decided to do a 80′s heavy metal shoot and it all came to pass this March 2012.  Tim Newman (check out his istockphoto.com portfolio by clicking HERE) shot this swell Behind the Scenes video for us.  This video read more »

Residual Income Stock Photography Step #2: What Gear Do I Buy for Microstock?

Today at stockphotoguru.com we show you exactly what gear you should purchase and or use to get started on your stock photography business. And what gear is that exactly you ask. You need a DSLR camera (a Digital Single Lens Reflex camera) and a 50mm 1.8 lens. The DSLR should be AT LEAST 6MP and read more »

Residual Income Stock Photography Step #1: Why MicroStock?

Today at stockphotoguru.com we are going to take you into the world of microstock photography and tell you why you should, and how you can get involved with microstock. This video is your introduction into how to put together a professional portfolio and submit it to stock agencies. First and foremost, with the advent of read more »

Making your own CHEAP wallpaper backgrounds for your Stock Photography

In today’s video I will teach you how to make a cheap background for use in or out of the studio that looks great for your stock photos  It’s really easy and you can pick up supplies on the cheap at your local hardware store and thrift store. For this project we will be using read more »

Top 6 Getty image categories for stock submission – thus the essential top 6

Ok, so this is not really anything NEW or Fancy, but I stumbled upon this list of the top 6 stock categories that Getty Images is looking for.  NOW, I also suspect that since Getty is looking for these then, they are somewhat universal.  Getty is on the cutting edge of imaging and one of read more »

Stock Photo Guru Podcast Episode 1 – Kevin Russ

I was blessed to talk with Kevin Russ, an exclusive iStockphoto.com stock photographer.   Kevin has a massive and impressive portfolio of over 11,000 images.  He is a kind and gentle person who is loaded with wisdom and advice for anyone interested in stock photography.  Here’s a link to Kevin’s iStock page.  Take a peek.

How to Make Your Own CHEAP DIY Lightbox or Light tent with PVC and a shower curtain

Stuart Wainstock and I made a couple easy and CHEAP light tents or lightboxes out of PVC, a shower curtain, some clamps and some waterproof material.  Take a look, the video quality is sub-par, but the demo is rad!  A very easy way to make great white cut out images for stock using cheap hot-shoe read more »

Gettyimages.com & iStockphoto.com want you to “GET REAL” with your stock photo submissions

OK, so this is really cool, and impressive.  For a bit now, Gettyimages.com  (and now istockphoto.com – yeah!) has been a little more flexible on accepting images that are not “technically perfect” as long as the photo looks ‘natural’.  Huge props here, as most of us live in a ‘natural’ world where real life happens read more »

Flickr – iStockphoto – Getty – How does this all work for the istock exclusive contributor?

As an exclusive contributor with iStockphoto.com I have been increasingly interested on how I take full advantage of the various collections that istock.com offers it’s contributors.  The Vetta and Agency collections have been a great way for contributors to get their highest quality images into an exclusive arena where profits are much higher.  Since Getty read more »

What is MicroStock Stock Photography? and Why YOU should get involved

  What is microstock photography? Microstock photography is a combination of the idea of micro payment and stock photography.  Its an arena of stock photography that prices images at such a micro price that buying multiple images becomes an option.  The microstock  world really boomed in the early 2000s after the creation of sites like iStockphoto, read more »