Making your own CHEAP wallpaper backgrounds for your Stock Photography

In today’s video I will teach you how to make a cheap background for use in or out of the studio that looks great for your stock photos  It’s really easy and you can pick up supplies on the cheap at your local hardware store and thrift store. For this project we will be using old wallpaper to give a vintage look to you background. A good place to find inexpensive wallpaper is at a thrift store (ie Goodwill or Salvation Army). We are also using some basic wallpaper adhesive, a medium sized paint brush, and a thin piece of 4×8 wood paneling. As you can see in the video, you want to lay the wood board flat on a stable surface and apply a thin coat of the wallpaper adhesive to it. After the adhesive is applied, you want to slowly begin to roll the wallpaper onto the board. With each strip of wallpaper, make sure you try your best to line up the patterns of the paper together so they match. If you have the time, let the wallpaper sit overnight on the adhesive, and voilà!


Vintage Wallpaper butcher with hog pigs head

Goofy Polaroid Photo Portrait on Blue Floral Background











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    I would so put that on the floor and put a basket down and a Baby in the basket and shoot over top of the baby .

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