How to Make Your Own CHEAP DIY Lightbox or Light tent with PVC and a shower curtain

Stuart Wainstock and I made a couple easy and CHEAP light tents or lightboxes out of PVC, a shower curtain, some clamps and some waterproof material.  Take a look, the video quality is sub-par, but the demo is rad!  A very easy way to make great white cut out images for stock using cheap hot-shoe flashes.  check it!

plastic waterproof wall panel
two 2′ pvc piping pieces
four 18″ pvc piping pieces
two 16″ PVC piping pieces
two 4″ PVC piping pieces
two 2″ PVC piping pieces
four 90 degree PVC elbow pieces
four T style PVC pieces
four PVC end caps
1 shower curtain


  • Salman
    March 10, 2012 - 11:35 pm | Permalink

    like your idea. i made one but your idea of collapsible one is great
    do you have any pictorial tutorial to this?

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