Stock Photo Guru’s First Blog Post

Hello and WELCOME to Stock Photo!  It is 2012 and I wanted to officially share my ideas on a proper focused blog.   My desire to be a man who can support his family solely with my stock photography has turned into a passion.  That passion has driven me to aspire to excellence and to achieve my goal THIS YEAR (something I am dedicated to achieve)!  I have learned so much since 2005 when well known photographer Kevin Russ suggested that I sell stock images at  I had just heard of MicroStock and I thought that the idea was crazy that I would take my hard work and sell it for .23 cents a pop, after all, I was a highly paid wedding photographer, and how could I belittle myself…  Little did I know at that time what a success Kevin was (even at that time) and is to this day.

So, I did start an account and I did upload some images and after a bit, I made my first $100.00. But this BIT seemed like it was not worth the effort, so I casually uploaded images (with very little drive or passion) here and there until after a few years I was making $300-$400 dollars a month.  This was cool I guess, but I had no desire to take it any further  because I never thought I  would be more than a hobby and I would get paid a hobby wage.

This all changed over a year ago when I met a couple friends who were active istock contributors who confided in me that they made 6 figure incomes a year by being an exclusive contributor on AND THAT IS ALL THEY DID to make a GREAT living.  I am not saying that they did not work hard, or that their success was overnight, but it sounded too good to be true.  But alas it was not, it was a fact:  MicroStock is a HIGHLY VIABLE and FANTASTICALLY FUN way to make a FULL TIME LIVING.  And a RESIDUAL one at that. So I got the bug…

I started to shoot with these photographers and saw how serious they took their jobs.  Shoots were not just off the cuff with a “whatever” attitude (the kind that I had had), but were well planned out with art direction, models at times, and a clear sense of vision.  I loved it.  I loved the freedom and and have always loved photography.  But taking shots that I wanted to take and then being able to sell them for a better-than-living-wage was something that I HAD to do.  At the peak of this excitement, I started my first photo blog called  This site is still going and I am going to add new content, but it was mostly just my excitement to share with the world what I wanted to do. – but not too much specific content…yet

Drive was something I always had, I just needed the KEYS to the car.  THIS PART was something was less clear to me, but since I wanted to get behind the wheel, I made up my mind to figure this out.   Since I am a husband, a father and a multiple-business-owner, I had a ton on my plate, so shooting photos all day and then uploading 120 images per week to istock was not in my schedule or realm of human possibility (for me).  This frustrated me because I knew that once I could make more money at stock photography I could spend more time doing it and hire others to manage my other tasks.  I had to figure out a way to make this work with limited time and limited money.

This is where I am TODAY and this is where I want you to be TODAY.  If you are starting out in stock photography or if you are a seasoned pro, YOU WILL LEARN SOMETHING VALUABLE.  I have picked the ears of the giants in this industry and will pick more.  We are always learning, lets learn from each other.  This learning has brought me to a point where I can share a SPECIFIC PROCESS on how to be a success at MicroStock photography.  I am still in the process of writing, making videos and compiling my curriculum, it is all there, but I am packaging it just for you.  Please bookmark this page and keep it handy.  In the next month you will see valuable content each week.  For the beginner I will have a step-by-step system that IF YOU FOLLOW I guarantee you will make money and make a full time living.  Come back soon, I can’t wait to share!

Steve Harmon – Exclusive Contributor



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