& want you to “GET REAL” with your stock photo submissions

OK, so this is really cool, and impressive.  For a bit now,  (and now – yeah!) has been a little more flexible on accepting images that are not “technically perfect” as long as the photo looks ‘natural’.  Huge props here, as most of us live in a ‘natural’ world where real life happens (sometimes) without perfect white balance, movement and even at 2500 ISO.  Companies are seeing that people actually respond to images that are not just shot at ISO 50 on a white background ( should take notice here…).  This has its ups and downs for the photographer, so I offer some words of caution and encouragement:  A.  Dont get sloppy! – These “imperfect” images will still have to have heaps of emotional or artistic value to qualify.  B.  Get creative!  Esp. with your iphone and other devices. Try some stuff out that you never would have before.   C.  GET OUT OF THE ZONE SYSTEM (for some of you), shoot about stuff you actually care about, get in someone’s face, take a chance.  This is a great excuse, as it could make you money.  For the rest of the straight dope click HERE.


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