Flickr – iStockphoto – Getty – How does this all work for the istock exclusive contributor?

As an exclusive contributor with I have been increasingly interested on how I take full advantage of the various collections that offers it’s contributors.  The Vetta and Agency collections have been a great way for contributors to get their highest quality images into an exclusive arena where profits are much higher.  Since Getty has purchased istock, there has been a slow and steady movement of greater control and branding of iStock as more of a Getty product.  This intrigued me an exclusive contributor, as I know that I cannot submit images to other stock agencies.  Did this apply to Getty as well?   In the past I turned down an invitation from Getty as I thought I might loose my exclusive status.  I am happy to say that after talking with iStock this morning, I have discovered that YES you can submit to Getty images both Rights Managed and Royalty Free images.  HOWEVER, they must NOT be the same images and CANNOT even be from the same shoot.  Your collection on and Getty MUST be different.  If you want your “same-ish” or images from the SAME shoot seen in a Getty collection, then you must still upload to Vetta or Agency.

On another note, Flickr is ALSO owned by Getty, so that seemed like a promising avenue as well.  Sadly this was not an option and there is no tripple-dipping allowed.  If you are an exclusive contributor AND you want to to have a Flickr account, then you have to make your images “ALL RIGHTS RESERVED”, which means you cannot sell them through Getty (that way) if they approach…

If you have more info on this please leave a comment!

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